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Posts by Andy Stitt

Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Nonprofit Marketing Guide This website is a great resource for nonprofit marketing professionals. I took one of their webinars for the first time today which covered how to write great profiles for donors, volunteers, board members, and other people who are critical to the success of your organization. The tips certainly helped me out and…

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First foray into social networking for non-profit foundation

As the technology guru for the PMI Educational Foundation, I am now about a month into our social networking initiative that I implemented. We made the decision to start off on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter AKA “The Big Three.” So far, the results are as follows: We have reinforced our existing base and added some…

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Israeli PM promises peace speech

Israeli PM promises peace speech It looks like Netanyahu is going to make a speech in the near future outlining Israel’s policies going forward with the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East. The war of words has begun! Obama in one corner, Netanyahu in the other. The inroads that Obama has been making…

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Off to visit family and hear the new Jay-Z song

This afternoon, I’m off to visit family in north Jersey for my cousin’s high school graduation. Their family dog was just put to sleep yesterday after being very sick but leading a long and good life, so the mood will be a combination of joy and somber. I’m sure I’ll get to listen to Hot…

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The Field: Al Giordano Reports the United States

The Field: Al Giordano Reports the United States I give this blog a huge recommendation. I prefer detailed political analysis using facts and insight instead of typical punditry, and this one delivers. Al reported the 2008 presidential election with amazing accuracy, and he continues to write about current affairs in the US through the lens…

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Tumblr blog introduction

Welcome to my Tumblr blog! Or is that “welcome to my Tumblr”? Or what the heck is the proper name for this thing??? In any case, thanks for stopping by. I expect to be posting a fairly mixed bag of my interests, including posts about my profession (website manager and social media guru for a non-profit…

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