Author: Andy Stitt

Journey to Better Health #3 – Interview with Jose Rivera

On episode three of the Journey to Better Health podcast, I interviewed Jose Rivera. He shared his amazing story about how he wanted to be healthier for his kids and set a good example for them. He quit smoking and started eating healthy and working out. Hear more about his journey going from walking to […]

Journey to Better Health #2 – Interview with Nicole Wade

On episode two of the Journey to Better Health podcast, I interviewed Nicole Wade. She shared an amazing story on how she recovered from an eating disorder and transformed her health through nutrition that felt right for her, fitness doing a sport that she loves, and taking an overall approach that worked specifically for her. […]

Journey to Better Health #1 – Podcast Introduction and Mission

On the first episode of Journey to Better Health, I share my personal health transformation story and the mission of the podcast. I talk about my battle with anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma and how I was able to find my unique path to better health and who supported me along the way.

Anger is information, just like all emotions are

I’ve seen anger get a bad rap. It is labelled as a “negative emotion”. It is certainly uncomfortable and doesn’t make you feel good. It isn’t inherently bad, though. It is simply information. It is information that lets you know that something really doesn’t feel right to you. You have the option to get curious […]

Journey to Better Health podcast preview – episode one

I’m in the process of putting together a new podcast. This is an incredible passion project of mine and the culmination of five years of transforming my health. I have the cover art, several people who have committed to telling their stories about their health transformations, and a recorded intro and outro. I need to […]