My thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was an absolutely crazy storm, and my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones, homes, and are otherwise still recovering from it. The storm hit my wife and I, but we were extremely lucky. No damage to the house or any other property, and we didn’t even lose power. It only gave […]

Simplified Series: Web Development – Intro to CSS

In the previous web development post, I talked about HTML, the basic building block of any webpage. CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, works directly in tandem with HTML. Where HTML dictates what to put on the page (i.e. heading text, images, paragraphs, etc.), CSS dictates how it should look. It assigns HTML tags […]

User stories in product management – clarifying the “why”

I listened to a podcast episode of Global Product Management Talk called “Compelling User Stories.” It talked about the importance of user stories in product management and how they can be more effective than simply spitting out requirements: by defining the “why.” I think it’s a universal trait in business to focus on the “what,” […]

ProductCamp NYC and Product Manager vs. Product Owner

I had a great time attending ProductCamp NYC last Saturday. I met some great people and learned quite a bit from the sessions. I hope to join the ranks of software product manager some day, and this was a great way to dive into that world for a day. One of the sessions touched on […]