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Health and Fitness

Friendly reminder – be present

This is just a friendly reminder to be present. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with….be present. I find myself talking to people who are also looking at their phones more often than usual. Mostly because of stress and overwork, not because they’re addicted to Candy Crush or whatever the latest game is.…

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I love digital marketing and health and fitness. I write about both extensively. Whenever I write something new, I want to make sure that you see it. The best way to do that is to subscribe via email. Digital marketing topics I’m primarily a WordPress consultant, so my topics will focus around websites built on…

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The two-year anniversary of my journey to freedom

Today is April 17, 2017. Two years ago today, my entire world flipped upside-down. Two years ago today, my ex-wife left me. The very next morning, my dear friend of almost 20 years died after giving birth to a baby girl. A month and a half later, I posted this status to Facebook after putting…

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I got published on the Still I Run blog

I am honored and excited to have my story published at Still I Run. Still I Run is a wonderful website and community dedicated to talking about running and mental health. Running is something that has helped me curb my anxiety due to giving me increased strength, confidence, and belief in myself. Running fast and…

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Lessons from a play at church

On Saturday night, I hung out with my Back on My Feet crew and went to see a play at a church in South Philly. It was to support one of our members from Team Point Breeze since it was his church. As far as being the only Jew in church, this wasn’t my first…

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