Delaware COVID-19 Information Website

I started my job at the Government Information Center on February 3, 2020; just three weeks before the Coronavirus was looking like it could be a real crisis.

We didn’t know what to expect or what exactly would be needed, so we acted quickly. We ultimately built a WordPress website flexible enough to accommodate any kind of content that was needed and used existing health department branding for a consistent user experience.

I created the wireframes for the initial layout design and set up the initial WordPress theme skeleton. My team members did the rest of the development as I had previously scheduled time off to care for a family member.


  • Launched the website and trained content editors from multiple departments on how to use it
  • Created a COVID-19 testing center locator and schedule using the Modern Tribe Events Calendar WordPress plugin
  • Set up Google Analytics and gathered and reported data on the most recently visited pages
  • Redesigned and developed the homepage and other key pages based on the data and improved the user experience and discoverability of testing, vaccine, and other critical information