Delaware State Website Accessibility

The Delaware state government is mandating accessibility across all websites and applications. This mandate introduced me to the world of accessibility beyond alt text for images.

My team started doing internal audits of websites that we previously built and then engaged in step-by-step remediation. We started with automated testing which checked for things like color contrast and semantic HTML. We have since incorporated doing manual testing with keyboard-only site navigation and screenreader testing.


  • Fixed color contrast accessibility issues in the shared header and footer of all state government websites
  • Increased the use of semantic HTML, including landmarks
  • Introduced automated and manual accessibility testing into our web development practices
  • Started the process of creating accessible design patterns and implementing them in parallel with converting WordPress websites from using the classic editor to Gutenberg blocks.
  • Taking everything that we’re doing and preparing to incorporate it into the creation of an accessible design system

Tools and Practices Used

  • Automated testing with WebAIM WAVE, ANDI Accessibility Testing Tool, and axe DevTools
  • Manual testing using keyboard-only navigation
  • Screen reader testing with VoiceOver for Mac and iPhone