First foray into social networking for non-profit foundation

As the technology guru for the PMI Educational Foundation, I am now about a month into our social networking initiative that I implemented. We made the decision to start off on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter AKA “The Big Three.”

So far, the results are as follows:

  • We have reinforced our existing base and added some new supporters from that core group: the project management community.
  • We are seeing a need to market our mission and activities to those outside of our base; “humanizing” our message and taking out the project management jargon has proven to be a challenge thus far.
  • We have identified communities within these social networks that would likely be interested in what we do, and vice versa (social networking is a two-way conversation, after all!).

Have you had any similar experiences with your non-profit’s social networking program? Any comments, thoughts, or advice?

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