Friendly reminder – be present

This is just a friendly reminder to be present. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with….be present.

I find myself talking to people who are also looking at their phones more often than usual. Mostly because of stress and overwork, not because they’re addicted to Candy Crush or whatever the latest game is.

I understand overwork and stress. However, being fully present with the person that you’re talking to is really important. It’s rude not to be, and the strength of your connection with that person is hindered.

Don’t just be present for them. Be present for yourself as well. If you let your mind fly around in a million different places instead of just being where you are, you’ll miss out on quite a bit. And you’ll add to your existing stress levels.

The smartphone is quite the brilliant invention. It lets you have a powerful computer in your pocket. It lets you have the entire breadth of human knowledge (and stupidity) in your pocket.

It also gives you a source of incessant noise. From buzzing and beeping due to notifications from various apps to an endless supply of videos, tweets, and other things to keep your attention.

Counteract the noise. Be with yourself. Be with the people you’re with. Be present.

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