Journey to Better Health Podcast

You have your own unique path to healing.

You have the power to give yourself better health and wellness.

You can use resources available to you, including therapists, trainers, nutritionists, coaches, alternative healers, friends, and family. You can get guidance and support from people who resonate with you.

Ultimately, you know what you need better than anyone else. You are the one with the power to make that happen.

Podcast Mission

Journey to Better Health will provide stories to inform and inspire you to find your own path to better health.

I will tell my own story and interview people who have gone through health transformations.

You will hear about:

  • How they found their unique path to better health
  • Who they look to for guidance and inspiration
  • The parts of their health routine that contribute to their well-being
  • What challenges they face with maintaining their health

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