Off to visit family and hear the new Jay-Z song

This afternoon, I’m off to visit family in north Jersey for my cousin’s high school graduation. Their family dog was just put to sleep yesterday after being very sick but leading a long and good life, so the mood will be a combination of joy and somber.

I’m sure I’ll get to listen to Hot 97 and hear Jay-Z’s new song “Death of Autotune” played at least five times. No ID made an awesome beat, and the song is pretty serious calling out rappers who make sing-songy tracks instead of concentrating on the lyrical content. That’s long been a complaint of mine, but then again, I’m an old fart in the hip-hop world.

Search for it on Youtube if you want to listen. My laptop is on the fritz, so I can’t effectively put video in this post from my Blackberry.

Enjoy your weekend!

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