Scrum principles that you can apply to any job

I recently became a Certified ScrumMaster through the Scrum Alliance. Scrum is an agile software development framework used for product development. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, there are some principles from Scrum that you can apply to any job:

  • Impediment removal: Scrum emphasizes that impediments that stand in the way of getting work done should be proactively removed. If you can’t remove them yourself, find the people that can.
  • Continuous and cross-functional collaboration: The results of your work will be better if you collaborate not only with people in your department, but in others as well. It’s all about breaking down silos.
  • Frequent communication: We all know the importance of communication and what can happen if it breaks down or is lacking altogether. In Scrum, daily communication is encouraged.
  • Continuous feedback: Whether you have a customer for your business or constituent for your nonprofit, they are best served by you when you listen to them and incorporate their feedback into your product or program.

Even if you’re not a project management or product development geek like I am, you can still benefit from the principles laid out in Scrum.

Whether Scrum-based or not, what other principles do you follow in your daily work?

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