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Starting a Podcast – Media hosting

The Starting a Podcast series teaches you how to start your own podcast from scratch. If you’ve never done it before, podcasting can seem daunting. This series breaks down the steps you need to take to record, edit, publish, and promote your podcast.

  1. The microphone
  2. Recording and editing software
  3. Episode composition
  4. Media hosting
  5. Show notes
  6. RSS feed
  7. Submitting to iTunes and other directories

Ok, so you have your microphone, recording and editing software, and an idea of what your episode composition will be.
By now, you may have an MP3 or will have one soon. You want to get it out to the world so that they can hear your awesome podcast.

So what do you do?

Do not host it on your website server

It is not a good idea to host your MP3 files on your website server, especially if it’s shared hosting. The bandwidth it takes to play and download your audio files could dramatically slow down your website.
That’s what media hosts are there for.

The big three media hosts

These are the big three media hosting platforms that you’ll hear about:


Libsyn is probably the most popular media hosting option, and is highly regarded by podcast professionals. Consider it the industry standard.


Blubrry is another popular media hosting option. Even if you don’t host your media files with them, they still have a free basic podcast statistics package as well as the PowerPress plugin. We will go into PowerPress in more detail in the next post in this series, which is about show notes.


Spreaker is the media hosting company that I use. It’s the only one, as of this writing, that has a free tier to their hosting plans. There’s also a social component to it. Additionally, it allows you to submit your show to be included in iHeartRadio. No guarantees, but the application process seems easy.


  • Do not host your media files on your website’s server
  • The big three media hosting companies are Libsyn, Blubrry, and Spreaker

Next in the series

An important element of your podcast is your show notes pages on your website. This not only provides a summary of what occurred on your episode, but it also gives listeners a chance to go to your website and take action. Tune in next week for more information on what makes for a good show notes page.


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