It’s incredibly cool to be an entrepreneur. Everyone is doing it.

I worked for years towards it. It was my dream for a long time. I built my own mobile DJ business in college with a partner. I wanted to take that experience and build my own web development and consulting business.

So, I pulled the trigger. I quit my job in 2015 and went full-time freelance. Seven months later, I got picked up as a full-time web developer by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. I’ve never been happier.

How can that be???

Self-awareness and the truth about who you are

I found out that I’m much better as a number two than a number one.

I love being an advisor; a right-hand. I also love building things. Right now, I’m building out our entire digital marketing presence (except for social media) from the ground up. New website systems. New email systems. New Adwords systems. I’m building all of that.

My supervisor has a grand vision. I’m building it out for her and guiding her in the right direction as to how to make it work best.

I’m not just doing it by picking the best WordPress website host or making sure everything is technically sound. I’m also involved in making marketing strategy decisions. Figuring out the best way to convert strangers into leads into donors into evangelists.

What I was told about entrepreneurship and what I found out

I was told that either I can build someone else’s dream, or I can build my own.

What I found out is that it’s my dream to help other people build their dreams. So, I get to have my cake and eat it too!

Be who you are

Don’t give a crap about what other people are doing. Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with others. It has also made it easier than ever to compare ourselves to others.

What everyone else is doing is none of your concern.

Strengthen your self-awareness and figure out what lights YOU up. Then find other people who do what you do, connect with them, and go after it as hard as you possibly can.

Unless you have incredibly real constraints (and not just ones in your head), there is zero reason to not do what you love.

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