I’m working on a pilot project with a wonderful organization called Deaf Kids Code. According to their website, 50% of people who are deaf or hard of hearing are unemployed and 25% are underemployed.

Deaf Kids Code seeks to fill the gap by offering workshops and experiences where kids learn the in-demand skill of computing.

The pilot project is with the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia. It will run from mid-February through early May. Student teams will work with small businesses to build them websites on WordPress.com.

It’s a win-win. The students will have something major in their portfolio that could be attractive to employers, and the businesses will have a marketing tool that can help them attract new business.

We are seeking between 3-6 WordPress professionals to serve as volunteer mentors. Most of the communication can be done via an asynchronous help desk format where you can answer student questions as they arise.

The students will be working Wednesdays after school on their projects, so if there are larger problems that require face-to-face communication, this could be done either in-person or virtually via Skype/other chat mechanism.

If you’re interested, you can either leave a comment on this post or fill out the form below.

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