Freelance and Other Work


I had a brief contract assignment with a pharma marketing firm that specializes in companies that treat rare diseases.

I built websites with HTML, Sass CSS, Bootstrap JavaScript/jQuery, and PHP. I also built emails with an HTML template and MJML, and I built Google banner ads with the Greensock JavaScript animation library.

I first used Browserstack and Email on Acid for cross-browser and cross-email client compatibility testing.

Full-time freelancing

I freelanced full-time for seven months to become a full-time web developer using WordPress. I provided customer support to a company that sold off-the-shelf WordPress themes and did custom site builds. I also provided post-launch support for the Moms Meet website.

I first used version control with Github and Bitbucket and also used Bootstrap for the first time while freelancing. I also did some email template editing in Marketo.

Side freelance projects

I’ve done two redesign and redevelopment projects for my boxing trainer, the most recent one to reflect his new virtual training brand since the start of the pandemic. This website takes advantage of WordPress Full Site Editing.

I also implemented a brand design into a Squarespace website for my former coworker’s financial consulting business.